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MCRC has a reference library which includes reports on minority ethnic communities in NI and best practice research from elsewhere.

For a full list of empirical studies on ethnic minorities in NI refer to: Connolly, P (2002) 'Race' and Racism in Northern Ireland: a Review of the Research Evidence

Published by OFMDFM available at:

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The Orientation Pack for Northern Ireland for people from the Accession countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland)


The Orientation Pack is an invaluable resource for both migrant workers and service providers.  It clearly outlines rights and entitlements for migrant workers on issues including housing, employment, social security benefits, health services, education and provides helpful additional information on transport, car insurance, setting up a bank account and so on.


Download PDF pack in English


 Employment            Education          Social security / benefit system


  Health services     Housing         Additional information  



Download Pack in Polish

         Zatrudnienie         Szkolnictwo         Pomoc Społeczna, System Zasiłków


          Słuzba Zdrowia    Kwestie Mieszkaniowe    Dodatkowe Informacje



Forced to Flee: frequently asked questions about refugees and asylum seekers in Northern Ireland.

How many asylum seekers are there in Northern Ireland? What is the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee? Why do people come here? Where do they come from?

To provide the answers to these and many more questions, the Refugee Action Group has produced the 2nd edition of Forced to Flee: frequently asked questions about refugees and asylum seekers in Northern Ireland. This information guide on refugee issues aims to deliver the facts - not the myths - about asylum in Northern Ireland, so fostering a more welcoming climate here for refugees. Copies are available from Amnesty International, Centre for Global Education and Multi-Cultural Resource Centre.

Download PDF version :




Researched and written by Charo Lanao & Daniel Holder

A meeting with Women of the World a rural women's

minority ethnic community group in Fermanagh



Women of the World 

               Multi-Cultural Resource Centre



Holder, D & Lanao, M (2003)

Fermanagh: Other Voices

A meeting with Women of the World a rural women's minority ethnic community group in Fermanagh


Women of the World / MCRC

Internet edition HTML


Holder (2003)

In Other Words?

Mapping Minority Ethnic Languages in Northern Ireland

Refugee Action Group:

Forced to Flee

Frequently Asked Questions about Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Northern Ireland

Nuestras Experiencias: (Our Experiences)

Case Studies with the Latin American community in NI

Experiences with public bodies - Training Aid

Introduction HTML HPSS HTML

Education HTML Housing HTML


McVeigh, R (2002)

NI: A Place of Refuge?

Asylum Seekers and Refugees in NI

Published by the Refugee Action Group

Internet edition HTML


Executive Summary translations




Chinese (simplified)



Soares, A (2002)

Relatório Sobre Trabalhadores

Experiences of Portuguese migrant workers in NI

Bilingual: English and Portuguese

Internet edition English Portugese

Holder, D & Lanao, M (2002)

Mid Ulster: Other Voices

A Listening session with a rural minority ethnic community in 2002

Booklet copies available

Internet edition HTML

Holder, D (2001)

30 Years Seen but Not Heard

A listening session with the Bangladeshi (Sylheti) community in NI

Written report and as Sylheti audiotape; (limited copies)

Internet Edition HTML

Holder, D & Lanao, M (2001)

Latinoamérica Está (Latin America is here)

A study on the experiences with public bodies and at work of Latin Americans in NI; (no print copies available)

Trilingual report in Spanish/Portuguese/English;

Internet edition HTML

Greer, E (2001) Stress, Culture and the Management of Diabetes

Report in NI's first seminar on diabetes and ethnic minorities

Written report also as Hindi audiotape; Copies and tapes available

Internet Edition HTML

Greer, E (1999)

Recommend Guidelines for Multilingual Materials

Booklet copies available; Internet edition (HTML)

Abelehkoob, A& Leong, F C (1996)

Caring for Children from Ethnic Minorities

Booklet: limited copies availible (No Internet edition)





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